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A Single Source for Multi-Faceted Supply Chain Solutions

The web-like nature of your supply chain network means, if there’s an issue anywhere along the chain, it has consequences for other links. You need a specialized supply-chain partner with the experience, knowledge, resources and reputation to solution all along the chain, from receiving and warehousing, to distribution and reverse logistics.

You need PiVAL, your Canadian Supply Chain Specialist.

An Experienced Team of Specialists

We are very proud of the team of supply-chain subject matter experts we have assembled. They give us the confidence to offer our customers innovative solutions, best-in-class services, and flawless execution in each area of their expertise.

Partner Curation

We maintain a network of supply chain partners so we may offer our clients a single source of reliable solutions. However, we only work with like-minded partners who are willing to deliver the same service levels, quality standards and customer satisfaction on which we have built PiVAL.

Complete or Modular Supply Chain Strategies

Whether you need to set up your entire Canadian Supply Chain, or you want to strengthen one of its links, we listen to your needs, assess your existing network, design a solution that fits and execute it as efficiently as possible.

Flow Optimization

Imagine you finally get your container onto the dock. But the highways are blocked. Our solutions include options like intermodal transportation, cross-docking and zone skipping, which are all designed to keep your shipments moving, regardless of the obstacles.

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From unloading your containers in port, to optimal routing to warehouses, including intermodal transportation, cross docking and zone skipping, transportation is the lifeblood of your supply chain and we keep it moving.


Over 1,000,000 sq.ft. available across Canada, with the latest technological advances to manage barcoding and scanning, EDI transactions and inventory management, all of which you can track on your desktop and mobile devices.


Fast and efficient last-mile delivery lets you meet and exceed customer expectations for receiving their orders. Our distribution services include picking and packing, branded packaging, real-time order tracking (desktop and mobile), load planning, scheduling and carrier management.

Reverse Logistics

An often untapped source of finished goods inventory, is an investment in proper customer returns management through a complete reverse logistics program. Consider this part of our distribution expertise.

Procurement Support & Product Preparation

A resilient source of raw materials has never been more crucial to your supply chain. When raw materials are available, you need them shipped just in time. PiVAL has an extensive track record of sequencing assembly lines, product mix preparation, assembly and sub-assembly, QA & inspections, packaging, repackaging and labeling.

Other services we offer

Expedite Delivery

Specialized time-critical shipment solutions. Safe, fast and guaranteed.

PiVAL’s Expedite Solutions
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Warehousing & Distribution

Over 1,000,000 sq.ft. available, ideally located across Canada, scalable to your needs today and tomorrow.

PiVAL’s Expedite Solutions
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Keep your supply chain connected and flowing smoothly with reliable transportation options.

PiVAL’s Transportation Solutions
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Rail Solutions

From overall pipeline management, to rail car ordering, we are ready and equipped to meet all your rail transportation needs.

PiVAL’s Rail Solutions
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Our Facilities

Strategically located to support and streamline a Canada-wide supply chain

our state of the art warehousing facilities have the features and technology needed to ship, receive
and track your inventory as efficiently as possible.

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