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Careers at PiVAL

More than a great job, working at PiVAL is a great experience.

As a member of the PiVAL team, you’ll enjoy the support to be dynamic in your approach, the independence to take ownership of your work, and the safe, inspiring environment to take your career to new heights.

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Our Workplace Culture

We nurture a distinctive corporate culture. One that encourages you to learn, gives you the tools to progress and welcomes your contributions. Expect challenges, but count on support. And we’re keenly aware that you have a life outside PiVAL, a life you must enjoy in harmony with your career.

The PiVAL Vibe

Think Outside the Box
Give & Get Creative, Constructive Feedback
Contribute & Learn Without Judgement
Respect For All Be Yourself
Teamwork & Collaboration
Have the Courage to Move Forward
Encourage Others
Be the Change

Job Opportunities

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Why our team Loves Working @PiVAL

  • We offer competitive salaries and benefit packages
  • We celebrate wins, enjoy team activities and make time for learning opportunities
  • Diversity & inclusivity isn't just an initiative, it's in our DNA
  • We don't micromanage
  • We work in a cooperative team environment where the next great idea can be yours
  • Healthy work-life balances are encouraged and celebrated

Our Benefits

  1. Generous Medical, Dental & Vision Benefits
  2. 3 Weeks Holidays to Start
  3. Employee Awards & Recognition Program
  4. Training & Education Allowances
  5. All the Tools You Need to Succeed

What our teams says

I started at PiVAL as an intern a few months into the pandemic and jumped on the opportunity to join full-time after graduation. Since I've accepted the position, I've worked on a multitude of projects and have been constantly challenged by the ever-evolving landscape within the supply chain industry. I truly believe I would not have been granted the level of visibility and opportunity to solve multi-faceted problems had I begun my professional career in any place other than PiVAL.

Robert Gagnon-Da Rocha Financial Business Analyst

It's such a great feeling when you know that your contributions are recognized and that your team members are always in your corner to get the job done. One should never want to stop learning and PiVAL supports your growth through continuous learning - they believe their success is driven by your own success.

Meghann Cundall Director of Customer Success

The fast-moving nature of the company and industry makes every day different and exciting. The continuous learnings offered by PiVAL support my professional growth, helps me keep up with the evolving job duties, and gives me the necessary tools to attain our team goals.

Jinto Joseph Operations Coordinator

It is important for me to work for a company that cares about its employees as much as it cares about its customers. PiVAL invests in and values its employees and has rewarded hard work and dedication time and time again. Because of this, I have now been entrusted with the opportunity to lead our Surrey team. I plan to empower them to further their careers with PiVAL, like I have.

Dean Egger Operations Manager

PiVAL is not just an organization, but a family that fosters a progressive and collaborative culture. It's a place where hard work does not go unnoticed, and a place that continuously encourages you to grow and harness new skills. There is never a dull moment working at PiVAL.

Jacob Brown Account Manager