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Complete Rail Transportation Solutions

Just tell us where to pick up and where to deliver. As a Class 1 rail partner, with specialized, in-house rail transportation expertise, and the equipment and facilities to connect transportation networks, PiVAL’s Rail Solutions are the backbone of your Canadian Supply Chain.

Get Tailored Rail Services, Equipment & Facilities

From overall pipeline management, to rail car ordering, we are ready, equipped and knowledgeable in meeting all your rail transportation needs — and we do it all as a single line item.

Onboard Instant Rail Solutions Expertise

Whether you know exactly what you need, or you’re just exploring market opportunities in Canada, our in-house rail expertise becomes your in-house rail expertise when you partner with PiVAL.

Lower Your Costs & Risk

When you add up all of PiVAL’s rail and supply chain solutions, from lower demurrage costs, to fewer transportation disruptions and faster freight movement; your costs, risks and internal management requirements are all minimized.

Improve Supply Chain Visibility

Know exactly where your freight is, where it came from and where it is going, 24/7/365. Clearly understand your costs and why they exist. Get quick, complete and informed answers to your questions.

Meet Your Special Handling Requirements

We specialize in moving large quantities of a variety of commodities, bulk shipments and heavy or oversized loads. You don’t have to scramble to find solutions every time your freight specifications change.

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How We Make Your Rail Solution Happen

PiVAL’s rail solutions are the result of a carefully curated and refined roster of services, facilities and equipment that we leverage to deliver your customized solution.

EMP - Equipment Management Program

Partnering with PiVAL gives you access to over 40,000 EMP 53 ft, top-quality domestic containers, including high-cube & ultra-wide sizes — available across our expansive North American rail network (Canada, U.S., Mexico).

Cross Docking & Transloading

PiVAL’s cross docking facilities and expertise at major Canadian ports of entry, PiVAL Surrey and PiVAL Lachine (Montréal), means ocean containers spend minimal time on the ground, which lowers demurrage costs – and speeds up deliveries too.

Transloading is a critical link in leveraging multimodal transportation solutions, including rail, to keep your supply chain flowing and reduce costs. We’re equipped to reliably transload your freight to or from rail, at major ports and markets across Canada.

Rail Service Warehouses

PiVAL’s Lachine (Montréal) and Oshawa (Toronto) multi-modal facilities include enclosed multi-railcar capacity, alongside truck transport docks, to facilitate faster and simpler drayage and last-mile delivery.

Intermodal Transportation

PiVAL’s Intermodal Transportation network delivers a number of benefits versus over-the-road (OTR) options, especially for long hauls.

  • Faster movement of goods
  • Minimal disruptions in transit
  • Improved sustainability
  • More reliable scheduling & delivery times

As PiVAL’s partner, every link in your intermodal solution, including drayage, transloading, and rail and truck transportation, is managed for you, end-to-end.

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