Imagine Your Own Dedicated Delivery Service.

Ready to Go. Right Now.

Make it a reality with PiVAL Dedicated Delivery. You get a late-model truck and trained driver to use as you see fit. It saves you time and money by reducing your transportation cost and eliminating the time you spend (and headache) managing your company truck and driver.

Your dedicated delivery service, ready to go around-the-clock

Drivers permanently assigned to you with back-up drivers in case of illness or absence

A wide range of delivery vehicles available – all connected and trackable

Flexible options for full-time and part-time delivery services

Branded vehicles and personnel uniforms

Eliminate local courier costs

The Cure for Your Delivery Headaches

Imagine being able to focus on your business without the headaches of depreciating assets, human resources issues, fleet management and maintenance.

Start Delivering Right Now

Learn more about how PiVAL Dedicated Delivery makes it easy. Please Call 1-888-557-4825.

Are you a truck owner/operator?

Join PiVAL’s team of dedicated delivery specialist.

Everyone at Pival is a pleasure to deal with. They are reliable and we can depend on them to meet our expectations.

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