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The Advantages of Third-Party Cloud-Based Logistics

The Advantages of Third-Party Cloud-Based Logistics

If you’re not familiar with third-party logistics and its advantages, you’re definitely not going to be able to ramble off the advantages of third-party cloud-based logistics. With that in mind, let’s start by taking a quick look at the two main components of third-party cloud-based logistics.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Logistics and supply-chain management, including warehousing, transportation and inventory management, can draw resources away from a company’s core competencies. A third-party logistics provider offers businesses the option of outsourcing all or some of their logistics and supply chain management so the business can focus on what it is in business to do.

Cloud-Based Logistics

Cloud-based logistics systems, including those for inventory management, transportation management, warehousing management and accounting, offer a number of advantages. There is no need for dedicated IT infrastructure or its upkeep. Data can be consolidated across systems and it can be available anywhere, anytime from desktops and mobile devices.

Putting it All Together

If your company uses only third-party logistics, or cloud-based logistics, and especially if it uses neither, putting them together offers a number of bottomline benefits.

1.You Make a Giant Leap with One Small Step

If your business currently uses one or more manual logistics systems, moving to 3PL on the cloud can seem like a big shift. You may get some internal concerns about the costs of switching to automated, cloud-based systems, including implementation, training and reliability. Those concerns might stop you from taking the step.

But choosing a 3PL that offers cloud-based logistics can remove the perceived headaches and make the switch easier and faster. Not to mention eliminating the need to manage your logistics.

2.Greater Data Visibility

Imagine knowing exactly what you have on the shelves, where it is located in the warehouse and/or where products are in transit. Real-time data, delivered in greater detail give your business a crisper image of its supply-chain so you can make more informed decisions.

3.Streamlined Communications

Cloud-based logistics means everyone, from the sales department to the warehouse floor, can have access to the same information at the same time. That common source of information means faster, more effective communications between departments.

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