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3 Big Benefits of Expedite Transport

3 Big Benefits of Expedite Transport

For many shippers, just the mention of expedite transport triggers visions of budget-sapping dollar signs. For them, the real benefits of expedite transport may be lost. Unfortunately, the cost, regardless of the cost savings the investment might produce, makes it tough for them to see the value of expedite shipping.

What is Expedite Transport?

Expedite transport options get your shipment from its point of origin to its destination as fast as possible, usually traveling directly from pick-up to drop off.

In the case of ground transportation, that means exclusive-use trucks to avoid the need for cross-docking, intermodal transportation or other extra handling of the shipment that might delay the shipment.  The shipment usually remains in motion until it arrives, including across borders.

Why Choose Expedite Transport?

The following circumstances are where expedite shipping makes the most sense. And can save the most money, and your client-supplier relationships.

  1. Emergency Shipments

    Simply put, expedite transport is your fastest shipping option. How fast? It can be faster than if you delivered the shipment yourself. If your expedite transportation supplier is a member of TEANA, The Expedite Association of North America, you will have access to a nation-wide network of trucks that are ready to go when you call.

  2. Special Handling Requirements

    Just about every shipment can be affected by too much handling. If your shipment is particularly sensitive, exclusive-use trucks and/or charter aircrafts ensure handling is minimized. You can even have a person accompany your shipment the entire way.

  3.  Ship During Disasters & Disruption

    We’ve had our fair share of extreme weather, protests and other societal upheavals, and even a once in a century viral pandemic in recent years. Through them all, when trucks were stuck in floods, by blockades, or simply unavailable due to lockdowns, expedite shipping is available to keep your supply chain running.

PiVAL International offers guaranteed expedite services that you can track around the clock. We are an Elite TEANA Member with a large fleet of company-owned vehicles.   Our Expedite services can be made better by our in-house network of warehousing, transportation and logistics services.

To learn more about other shipping options, check out our article ‘3 Differences Between FTL & LTL Freight Shipping‘.

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