Expedite and Transportation Logistics

An auto-parts manufacturer, publicly traded, provides auto OEM auto parts to the assembly line of GM, Chrysler, Ford. This client has multiple plants located within a 25 mile radius producing various auto parts. Their plants require regular “courier” type shipments between each other of things like consumables, paperwork, supplies, etc. Rather than using a local courier to handle this, the client partners with PiVAL who provides a daily full time vehicle and driver for them to use as they wish. The driver shows up each day and works for the client all day every day who utilize the resource as needed which allows them to replace their local courier needs saving them time and administration. This is a great example of our “Dedicated” service offered through PiVAL Transportation.

The same company uses PiVAL Expedite as their “time critical shipment” supplier to rush auto parts to their OEM customers in order to meet JIT (Just In Time) requirements that sometimes result in Expedite service levels.

We’re a “one stop shop!”