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How Expedite Services Help in Medical Emergencies

How Expedite Services Help in Medical Emergencies

In a medical emergency like the COVID-19 pandemic, shippers in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical research and testing, and other critical sectors, have unique challenges, especially when it comes to medical shipping.

In addition to the issues every shipper might face, critical-sector shipments can have a higher degree of urgency, need to be more closely tracked or require added levels of security or specialized handling. All at a time when it’s particularly difficult to solve those issues in a timely manner.

5 Ways Our Expedite Services Can help

Expedite services are usually used for occasional, time-critical shipments. These can include shipments that must arrive on time to meet contractual obligations, shipments that were delayed and any that need special handling.

But in a medical emergency, especially a global pandemic, those conditions become the norm. Expedite services can help minimize the transportation challenges of those shippers who work in critical sectors. 

  1. Urgent Deliveries – If your shipment must be delivered immediately, exclusive-use trucks are dispatched, air charters or rail options are secured, border delays are minimized and your shipment remains in motion as much as possible, and as fast as possible, 24/7, until it is delivered. 
  2. Special Handling & Security – If needed, your medical shipping can be accompanied throughout its journey, from your business to the final destination. A wide range of vehicles are available to ensure your oversized loads, climate-controlled shipments, or sensitive equipment and supplies, receive the attention they need. 
  3. High Visibility – Real-time order tracking information lets you know where your shipment is at any time. This can help if issues arise that may force rerouting, and also to maintain delivery time expectations. 
  4. Other Logistics Services – Does your shipment need to be consolidated with other shipments? Held in climate-controlled storage for any reason? Or need any other emergency logistics services? Transportation warehousing and inventory management systems are there to help streamline the process. 
  5. Guaranteed Delivery – Knowing that your shipment will arrive safely when you need it to arrive can help you focus on the next challenge.


Whether you need expedite services, or if there is any other way that PiVAL can help your business manage emergency situations, please don’t hesitate to call us. We’re ready to help.

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