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Expedite Trucking Services – Getting Inventory There, Faster

Expedite Trucking Services – Getting Inventory There, Faster

If you’ve never used expedite trucking services, doing business during the COVID-19 pandemic may be a good way to start. 

Expedite trucking is usually used for shipments that are time-critical; need specialized handling, like climate control; are oversized, or any combination of requirements where standard shipping just won’t do. 

How Expediting Your Freight Can help You During COVID-19

The uncertainties and adjustments to doing business during the COVID-19 crisis means using expedited carriers make more sense than ever.

  1. React Faster to Changing Customer Demands – Overnight, your customers may go from having been closed for weeks or months, to suddenly being open for business as usual. And they might need your goods overnight too.
  2. Avoid Border Delays – If your goods must be shipped to or from the United States, you need PIP and C-TPAT certified carriers to avoid delays crossing the border.
  3. Get the Shipping Option You Need – Whether your shipment needs a cargo van, straight truck, tractor-trailer or an air charter, expedite shipping uses the fastest, most efficient option to get it here on time.
  4. Around the Clock – If you find out tonight that you need to move goods, you’re not going to get much sleep if you have to wait until morning to find a carrier. 24-hour expedited delivery will let you get the rest you need to solve tomorrow’s problems.
  5. Reduce Your Costs – Due to the difficulty in forecasting inventory requirements, you can suddenly find yourself with too much inventory, or too little. Expedite services let you avoid scrambling for warehousing services, or sitting with an empty warehouse when your customers need you the most.

PiVAL’s expedite services will get your freight where it needs to be when it needs to be there. We guarantee it. And you can track your shipment in real-time from the moment it leaves your dock, to the moment it arrives at its destination.

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