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Dedicated Delivery: A Fleet of Trucks & Drivers But Without the Headaches

Dedicated Delivery: A Fleet of Trucks & Drivers But Without the Headaches

If your business has ever managed a fleet of delivery trucks, and the drivers and schedules that go with it, you understand the headaches that can happen too.

These particular headaches might be more like migraines. The logistics of managing your own fleet of delivery trucks and drivers isn’t just the straightforward costs of vehicles and labour. The task can affect your bottom line in ways you never thought possible, ruin your customer service and ultimately affect your brand.

The Headaches of Maintaining Truck Fleets and a Driver Pool

For those of you who are now considering whether to invest in your own delivery truck fleet, here are just a few of the tasks and costs of setting up and maintaining a delivery fleet.

Invest in Reliable Trucks

This is one of the easy parts, even though you don’t have the core competency for it (hire a fleet manager?). For many reasons, including those listed below, you don’t want your fleet to come from a used truck lot.

Maintain the Fleet

Even with late-model vehicles, you need the resources and infrastructure in place to keep them on the road.

Hire Drivers & Put Them on Payroll

Of course, you already have employees, so this one doesn’t stretch your existing capacity too much. But check out this article and you’ll see where the headaches might begin. Trucking industry facing driver shortage.

Build In Redundancy for Vehicle Breakdowns or Collisions

You might even feel a headache coming on right now. You will inevitably get a call that a truck has a problem and can’t make the delivery. It will be your most crucial delivery. You need extra trucks in place, and drivers ready to go; or risk losing customers.

Build in Redundancy for Unexpected (and even unannounced) Driver Absences

Tylenol. Where’s the f$%^%$ing Tylenol?! Oh and, wait, didn’t we tell you? Sales are down so you have to cut back on the fleet.

Dedicated Delivery – Tylenol for Your Delivery Fleet Headaches

Dedicated delivery services are offered by third-party logistics providers who take care of all the headaches.

  • You get one or more trucks, full-time or part-time, according to your schedule.
  • One or more drivers are ready to go when you need them.
  • The trucks can be branded for your business, and drivers can sport you company’s colours and logos too.
  • You can scale up or down as your requirements change
  • All for one single line item in your books

There, don’t you feel better already?! Get in touch with us here at PiVAL to learn more.

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