Several Large Publicly Held Aerospace Companies


Several large, publicly held aerospace companies design and manufactures aircraft parts for commercial and military aircraft. Requiring precision engineering and specialty components, the manufacturing of the aircraft parts require movement of the product between locations, often at unscheduled times. The clients rely on being able to notify PiVAL Expedite to pick up and move the product between those locations reliably and quickly. In addition, the clients use PiVAL Expedite as their “time critical shipment” supplier when replacement parts are needed to be shipped out to end users who require it. Often these situations result in AOG (Aircraft On Ground) scenarios where an aircraft cannot fly until a replacement part gets installed. PiVAL Expedite is the trusted carrier given the job of transporting these “AOG” shipments. For aircraft operators, time is money and any aircraft not flying is a cost to them. PiVAL Expedite is the carrier of choice to get those parts to destination quickly, anytime of the day – North American wide.