A large, publicly traded automation company provides a robust suite of products and services that includes design and implementation of automation systems, control panels and parts, motor control devices and components, information software, and value adds that support such as training programs, manufacturing intelligence, maintenance and repair programs, engineering support , on-site services, and consulting services.

Committed to superior levels of customer care, they place emphasis on high urgency and immediate response to their customer needs. PiVAL fits into their supply chain in the following ways:

· Their customers, sometimes want completed control panels delivered on site as soon as they come off the line and often during after-hours/weekends so that they can install them during “down time” while automated assembly lines can be idled. Timing of delivery is critical. PiVAL Expedite is the carrier of choice to manage the task due to our 24/7 operations and dedicated delivery. Our vehicles are dispatched to be ready at the shipper’s dock at a specific time and the vehicle carries the control panel directly to delivery for a specific time after hours. The vehicle is tracked via GPS and monitored 24/7 by our operations desk who provide regular updates to both our client and their client.

· Local distributors are encouraged to put their product into their customers’ hands quickly. PiVAL Expedite gets the call when it’s needed on a “rush.· The client operates their own 24/7 Customer Care Centre designed to service their customers “after the sale.” When their customers have a problem with their product and call this number the result my be a replacement part which is automatically given to PiVAL Expedite to manage immediate response and direct rush delivery to their client 24/7. Since the origin and destination could be anywhere across North America, PiVAL’s continent wide service structure and it’s 24/7 operating hours is a perfect partner. PiVAL designs the solution by combining both ground and air options and manages the shipment from pickup to delivery while updating the client regularly along the way. Our 24/7 operations adds a personal touch with “live” updates while our technology takes care of automated updated in between by combining our GPS tracked vehicle technology with our email system sending out automatic shipment location email updates at regular intervals. That’s peace of mind.

The customer presents a nationwide parts and service program and partners with PiVAL Expedite to deliver! That’s a partnership!