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4 Benefits of Transportation Management System

4 Benefits of Transportation Management System

Transportation management systems (TMS) can get your freight to its destination faster, and often for less cost than it took to get it there the regular way. 

You’d think, with the two main benefits is getting your products to your customers as fast as possible, and potentially saving money while you do, would be enough to make you stop reading this post right now and source the best TMS software you can find.

But, if you’re still with us right now, you’re still not convinced of the benefits of transportation management software. So let’s give you just a few more advantages. And we won’t even mention the speed increases and cost reductions!

The Benefits of Managed Transportation Systems

  1. Customer Service – How do you feel about that certain supplier who always has their products on your dock when promised, without excessive much damage, inventory discrepancies or other issues? Do your customers feel the same about your company? 
  2. Optimized Routing – Planning and executing your shipments are as much about finding the right path to your customer’s door as it is about anything else. Climate issues, societal upheavals, blocked canals, even government intervention can mean you must find another route today, or don’t even bother shipping. Your TMS can fuel your planning and decision-making at the most crucial times. 
  3. Better Freight Management – So the one extreme is that you could ship each individual shipment door-to-door. At the other end of the spectrum, shipment consolidation, cross-docking and inter-modal transportation, among other fright management possibilities opened up by a TMS, can work together to move more of your goods with the same effort. Or less. 
  4. Real-Time Visibility Across the Entire Shipping Process – For anyone who manages freight transportation services, it’s the most dreaded question. “Where’s my shipment?” But, if you had a TMS, you’d have the answer, every time, at your fingertips.

We know that if you’re still reading, it’s not that you don’t appreciate the benefits of more efficient transportation through transportation management. You might be concerned about the costs of a system, keeping it up to date, support and maintenance issues, training, data security, just to name a few of the issues you’ll face if you get your own TMS.

It’s why, if you want all the benefits, without any of the headaches, you should consider using a third-party logistics company to manage your transportation for you. 

To learn more about lowering your transportation costs, check out our article “How to Reduce Your Transportation Logistics Costs”. 

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