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4 Benefits of Hiring a Third Party Logistics Company

4 Benefits of Hiring a Third Party Logistics Company

What’s the basic goal of your business? Constant growth? Increased profitability? Lower costs?  While those three are varied and difficult goals to achieve, there’s one thing your company can do to help attain all three.

Hire a third-party logistics company.

Hold on. We hear from you. Of course, a third-party logistics (3PL) company’s blog, is going to tell you that logistics services are going to do wonderful things for your business.

But hear us out. If PiVAL, or any logistics management company, doesn’t deliver on one or more of the benefits listed below, to the point where it makes bottom-line sense to use them, then don’t use them. Why would you?

These Are the Advantages of Hiring a 3PL 

  1. Cost Savings & Increased Profitability – We’re going for the big double-benefit straight of the top. When you first think about outsourcing one or more of your logistics, it seems like you’re adding another line item to your books. But really it should remove more line items than it adds.

    Imagine not needing to hire and manage more staff; IT; equipment; warehouse space; inventory management; and so on. Just call your 3PL partner and it’s done.
  2. Instant Expertise – so you built a better mousetrap. But what do you know about the mousetrap industry and markets? Or increasing the cost-effectiveness of the mousetrap supply chain? Or what to do when a customer wants to return a mousetrap? Or an entire shipment?
  3. Up & Down Scalability – This is the solution to the enviable problems brought on by growth. Your 3PL puts everything in place to manage it while you continue to make it happen. But, that’s not the only problem of growth that we solve.

    Growth isn’t always constant. After you gear up for it, you might experience contraction and the need to downsize, manage inventory levels. No problem.
  4. A Better Customer Experience – In the end, the only thing that sets you apart from your competition; that gives your customers a reason to choose you, is the experience they have when they do. Outsourcing your company’s logistics frees up your resources to make your products and services better, and help your customers see who is their best choice. 

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