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4 Benefits of Dedicated Delivery Services

4 Benefits of Dedicated Delivery Services

It’s perhaps the most famous old saying that relates to business.

“Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.”

While it probably wasn’t originally intended this way, the saying has come to be a metaphor for innovation. The premise being that if you innovated and come up with a better idea or way of doing something, people will come looking for you instead of you having to go out and hawk your wares.

But, in today’s 24-hour global ecommerce retail world, it’s arguable that the saying isn’t nearly as relevant as it once was. Suppose you did build better mousetrap. If you didn’t offer free, next-day delivery, or same-day pick-up at a bricks and mortar location, well, no path would be beaten to your door, not even a virtual one.

While two-week and three-week delivery times were perfectly acceptable not too long ago, today they could spell the death of your business. And if you dared charge for that almost-instant delivery, you might not last much longer either. The end result would be the same, you’d lose out to ‘free delivery’ every time.

Just in case you doubt any of that, from almost the beginning of ecommerce, shipping costs were the major reason given by ecommerce consumers for shopping cart abandonment.

So what’s a company that depends on fast delivery times supposed to do? You have three basic options.

1. Operate Your Own Delivery Network

It would be cool, wouldn’t it. A fleet of trucks, all branded in your colours, logos and messages, ready to go whenever you need them, wherever you need them.

Until you wake up from that dream and consider the cost involved with setting up and running a delivery service that has nothing to do with your core competency as a business.

2. Hire a Third-Party Delivery Company

Fed Ex and UPS are usually the first that come to mind. They do a really great job. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be in business for long. But if you can’t fit their ‘pick up by 4:00 pm’ shipping schedule, then get ready for off-the-charts shipping costs.

3. Dedicated Delivery Services

Dedicated delivery services give you the option to have one or a fleet of trucks at your disposal, branded if you like, and available only when you need them, full-time or part-time. All without the cost, headaches and risks of setting up and maintaining an in-house service – or the costs of local courier services.

What is a Dedicated Delivery Service?

For any business that relies on fast delivery, and doesn’t want to continue to meet a courier company’s shipping schedule or pay for the privilege of doing so, a dedicated delivery service, run by a third-party logistics provider like PiVAL, can be a bottom-line boosting answer.

1. It’s Dedicated to You

Whether you want it around the clock, or just a few hours a week, it operates exactly like you had your own truck or fleet of trucks, ready to go whenever you want them.

2. Start Right Now

If you wanted to set-up a dedicated delivery program, you can start delivering almost immediately. The infrastructure is all set-up and ready to go. A wide-range of delivery vehicles are available and all are GPS-connected and trackable.

3. Branded for You

Why not let a specialized third-party logistics supplier run your branded delivery service for you. From truck graphics to drivers’ uniforms, all can be branded for your business.

4. Your Team of Drivers

Instead of different drivers all the time, drivers are permanently assigned to your company, with back-up drivers ready to go as needed. Yet one more headache you’ll not have to worry about.

To learn more about dedicated delivery services, or to start delivering right now, give us a call here at PiVAL or check out our Dedicated Delivery service page.

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